Teaching Strategies
1920 P1-P3 Dictation
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Teaching Strategies

Our school-based English Language learning and teaching aims to provide our students with a wide range of contexts and learning experiences to acquire language skills and generic skills and develop favourable values and attitudes.

Language Skills

  1. Reading Skill
  2. Writing Skill
  3. Listening Skill
  4. Speaking Skill

Generic Skills

  1. Collaboration Skills
  2. Communication Skills
  3. Creativity Skills
  4. Critical Thinking Skills
  5. Information Technology Skills
  6. Numeracy Skills
  7. Problem Solving Skills
  8. Self-management Skills
  9. Study Skills


  1. 是來自英國的綜合英語課程
  2. 以原音拼合法(synthetic phonics)為學習基礎,有系統地貫通聽、說、讀、寫四個範疇


  1. 44個原音(pure sounds)及原音拼合法

    RWI (Set 1)      RWI (Set 2)       RWI (Set 3)

  1. 具系統的課程設計
  2. 以原音拼合法貫通英語聽、說、讀、寫
  3. 教導孩子利用原音拼合的技巧閱讀故事書,然後運用從書中學會的詞彙寫作句子及簡單文章
  4. 二人小組活動
  5. 循序漸進地擴闊孩子的學習層面
  6. 學習字母及原音
  7. 學習原音拼合和分拆的技巧
  8. 將原音拼合技巧應用於閱讀及寫作上



English Monday
World Book Day
English Busking

English Monday

Lunch time activity
SCHOLAR activity - Radio Play: Twelfth Night
SCHOLAR activity - Hand Puppet
Christmas Celebration
Halloween activities
Jimmy´s Cafe
Jimmy´s Cafe has been run on 1st Februrary to 3rd February. Students were encouraged to buy food and drinks in English and enjoy the joyful atmosphere.
English Alliance 1516
Hand-puppet Storytelling for Primary Schools
On 26th January, 3 groups of P2 and P3 students have the opportunity to join SCOLAR´s activity---Hand-puppet Storytelling for Primary Schools. Throughout the programmes, students learnt to describe and design characters´appearance and discuss the characters´personalities with fun.



Study Materials for Dictation




1st Term 

No Dictation   
2nd Term    Book 1A Chapter 5


Book 1A Chapter 6


Book 1B Chapter 1


Book 1B Chapter 2


 3rd Term    Book 1B Chapter 3 


Book 1B Chapter 4 


Book 1B Chapter 5


Book 1B Chapter 6




1st Term






2nd Term



Book 2A Chapter 6



3rd Term    
Book 2B Chapter 3


Book 2B Chapter 4


Book 2B Chapter 5


Book 2B Chapter 6




1st Term

Book 3A Chapter 1


Book 3A Chapter 2


Book 3A Chapter 3


Book 3A Chapter 4
2nd Term    BK 3A Chapter 5



BK 3A Chapter 6
BK 3B Chapter 1


BK 3B Chapter 2


 3rd Term    BK 3B Chapter 3


BK 3B Chapter 4


BK 3B Chapter 5


BK 3B Chapter 6





Useful Website



Phonics Games:

Grammar Games:



Nursery Rhymes:

Online stories
http://www.roythezebra.com/home.html (interactive story and supporting worksheets)
http://www.magickeys.com/books/index.html (stories for kids on line)
http://www.magickeys.com/books/links.html (stories online)
http://www.bookpop.com/storypop.html (audio online books)
http://www.asiabigtime.com/storybooks/aki_menu.html (audio books for young kids)
http://www.sebastianswan.org.uk/index.html (stories to read on line)
http://www.beenleigss.qld.edu.au/requested_sites/storiesontheweb/storiesontheweb.html (thousands of stories to read on line)
http://www.bygosh.com/childrensclassics.htm (classics and fairy tales on line)
http://www.toread.com/ (web sites for everything about reading)
http://www.kidzone.ws/tracers/winter/index.asp (tracer page-can write your own words for kids to trace over when learning to write)
http://www.enchantedlearning.com (A-Z everything imaginable)

Reading websites
http://www.raz-kids.com/ (read and listen)
http://www.readinga-z.com/allbooks/tommytales.html (online reading programme)
http://www.readinga-z.com/newfiles/levels/r/murdochspathr.html (online reading programme)
http://www.learningpage.com/free_pages/gallery.html (free membership to become a reader)
http://reading.ilongman.com/ (Longman English Reading Website)
http://stepup.ephhk.com (Stepup Reading Website)

Useful Websites
http://www.systemassessment.edu.hk/ (Territory-wide System Assessment)
http://www.primarygames.com/games.htm (games for kids)
http://www.readinga-z.com/assess/quiz.html (comprehension quizzes to determine how well students are absorbing their reading)



  Hugo Latham                                  Mr. Chapman


From Mr. Latham

Hi! I am Mr. Latham. I am teaching Primary 4 to 6. We have a lot of fun inside and outside the classrooms.

In the classroom, we have drama and reading lessons.

In the drama lesson, we clear the desks and chairs away so that we can have a huge space in the classroom for fun drama games and activities. Many of the students are very keen to show off their acting skills and we have a lot of actions and laughs going on in the lesson.

Primary 4 students get to write their own play from their own ideas and get to act it out in class. Primary 5 students get to act out a funny play about aliens and P6 students get to write the ending to a play, and then perform it!

In the reading lesson, we don’t just read a book together. We also do activities with the book. For example, we make character posters and play with puzzles!

Moreover, we have Reading Assistant Programme in Primary 4. Students use their IPads to read lots of story books and check how they have improved by means of an online digital reading device. They can keep track of their progress and improve their pronunciation.

For extra-curricular activities, I’m also in charge of Drama Club. If you feel like showing off your acting skills a little more, then you can join us! We take part in the inter-school drama festival every year so you will have a chance to act in front of a live audience!


From Mr. Chapman

Hi there, I’m Mr. Chapman and I am the NET teacher here at this school. I come from England and I have been in Hong Kong for nearly seven years! Time has gone by so quickly.


I teach Primary 1, 2 & 3 and we have RWI Phonics lessons and “Reader” lessons. As many of you know, we use “Fred Talk” and this helps us to read. We learn the various different sounds and play a lot of phonics games in class. I also organize inter-class activities to help keep learning fun.


We read a lot of different books in the year and we have many fun activities in the lessons. Reading is an essential part to learning English and we hope to encourage that with a new home reading scheme in the near future.


I also help organize “English Monday” which is a weekly event held in the “activity room”. The “English Ambassador Team” facilitate different games and activities for all students during lunchtime. We hope you enjoy the fun activities and we hope to see you soon in the activity room!


2017-2018 Summer Holiday E-assignment – English



(1) Fun Post: Comic English《小校報》漫畫英語 

     Please click here

(2) EdBookshelf 教城書櫃電子書 - Children Book (Story book, Science & General Studies)

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(1) EdBookshelf 教城書櫃電子書 - Children Book (Story book, Science & General Studies)

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(2) Popular Book (Fiction & Essay) 

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(1) EdBookshelf 教城書櫃電子書 - Popular Book (Fiction & Essay)

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(2) 「教城電子書庫」英文經典系列

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教城書櫃電子書 EdBookshelf



  1. 登入教城購物廣場(hkedcity.net),於「教城書櫃電子書」的分類選項中選購免費或收費的電子書
  2. 選擇自用電子書或將電子書派遞給其他用戶
  3. 下載電子書並同步儲存至常用裝置,即可閱讀:
  • 登入「教城書櫃」(hkedcity.net)網頁版閱讀器
  • 下載及登入「教城書櫃」應用程式(可於App Store或Google Play搜尋「教城書櫃」)


 Little Great Writer



Fun with Colours 

  The Zoo
P2 My Favourite Season
P3 My Birthday
  A Day in Happy Zoo
 P4  A Balanced Diet  
  Having Fun in Hong Kong
  A Surprising Lunch
P5 A Birthday Party
  A Robbery
  My Birthday
P6 Fun Turns to Danger
  Dreaming to be a basketball player
  The Relay Race
P1 In the park Leung Ching Yan, Ivana
    Kwok Lap Yin, Benny
    Wang Tsz Lam, Nicole
  Toy zoo Cheung Ho Loam
  My New Friend Max Chan
    Casey Kwok
P2 Holiday Candice Chan
    Jack Wong
  My favourite season Aidan Lei
  My best friend Isabel Chung
  Myself Renee Ho
  A reply letter to Zoe Paco Chan
P.3 At the park Bella Yip
  The young man saved the king Lee Yun Hin
    Louie Chan
  My plan for Christmas March Kwan
  Do not litter Oscar Ke
P.4 A surprising lunch Siu Hoi Man Kevin
    Chan Sum Yi Jennifer
    Ng Sze Wan Natalie
  An unhealthy boy Cheung Chi Shing
  Derek and Grandpa Ronin Szeto
P.5  A duck adventure Kelly Kwan
    Lucius Kam
  Sorry Jayden Fung
  A school accident Dilys Wong
    Vivian Liu
P.6 The boy cried wolf Jonathan Chan
  My memorable experience  Joe Chiu
  Friendship comes first Cherry Wu
  The goose that laid golden eggs Angel Chiu Lai Man
  Protect  endangered animals Warren Leung Ching Wa
P1 My friend\\\\\\\\\\'s clothes
  My special pet
P2 The season I like
  My best friend
  Our week
  My school picnic
P3 At the park
  My Dream City
  My favourite dish
  Do not litter
  My plan for Christmas party
P4 A two-day trip with Andy
P5 Mum\\\\\\\\\\'s clothes
  A careless inventor
  Visiting Hong Kong
  An art lesson
  An incident in the park
P6 My accident
  My best friend and I
  A strange dream

 A Thank You Card
My Super School Bag
New Clothes
My Favourite Animal
My Pet
P2      Jobs
 What I want to be  
My School
So Cool!
Scruffy Ted
P3 The Princess and the Dwarf
A Bad Day
My Holiday in Countryside
Dad\\\\\\\\\\'s Birthday
P4 An email (Trip to HK)
Guess Who?
My Hobby

When my mothere was

in Primary 4

The Fat Little Mouse

Improving myself
P5 The Camping Trip
A Trip to Hong Kong
  A Terrible Typhoon
  Fluffy My Cat
  A Horrible Experience in the cinema
  Helping Others
  An Unforgettable Picnic
   Poem - A Kangaroo


An Alien     By 1A Ho Chi Yin, Jeanna

This is Alien So So. She is tall and fat. She has long hair. She has a big head. She has a big eye. She can draw. She can swim. She is cute.


An Alien       By 1A Wong Ming Hei, Millie

This is Bo Bo. She is short and thin. She has short hair. She has big eyes. She has small fingers. She can dance. She can run. Bo Bo is cute.


An Alien          By 1B Carson Lo Yeung Yiu

This is Peter Alien. He is tall and thin. He has a big eye.

He has a small mouth. He has a long nose.

He can draw. He can hop. Peter is cute.


An Alien                     By 1D Cheng Ho Wang, Jamie

 This is Father Alien. He is strong and big.

He has a good voice. He has a tie. He has small feet.

He can sing. He can play football. It is cute.


An Alien                     By 1E Cheung Hiu Tung

This is Kindy. She is short and thin. She has an eye. She has ten hands. She has a big mouth. She can skip and swim. She is cute.


An Alien                            By 1E Mok Siu Kwan

 This is Mon Mon. He is tall and thin. He has big eyes. He has short legs. He has long arms. He can run and read. He is cute.


At the Beach                   By 1B Felix Tam Chun Him

At the beach, I can see a jellyfish. It is in the sea. I can hear a plane in the sky. I can smell seawater at the beach. I can touch a book on my legs. I am happy at the beach.


At the Beach           By 1D Lau Oi Wing, Vicky

 At the beach, I can see some shell.  They are on the sand.  I can hear some birds.  I can smell some sea water.  I can touch some sand. I am happy at the beach.


At the Beach                  By 1B Hattee Lee Hei Ching

At the beach, I can see a book. It is on my legs. I can hear some birds. They are on the sand. I can touch some trees. They are on the road. I can see a plane. It is in the sky. I am happy at the beach.


My Super School Bag             By 1B Richelle Ngan Nok Ching

This is my super school bag. It is black and pink. 

It is big. I have a rubber.

I have three books and eight crayons in my super school bag.


My Super School Bag                        By 1E Lee Yuen Yan

 This is my super school bag. It is big. I have a ruler. I have eight crayons. I have a rubber. I have a pencil. I have a water bottle and a book in my super school bag.


My Sister\\\\\\\\\\'s Bedroom        1D Chan Hoi Kiu, Carina

This is my sister’s bedroom.  I can see three toy cars.  They are in the cupboard.  I can see two dolls.  They are on the bed.  I can see a clock.  It is under the table.  I can see a water bottle.  It is on the chair.  I can see a school bag.  It is on the cupboard.  I can see a fan.  It is on the floor.



A letter to your pen friend about the jobs of your family members.   

 By 2A Chiara Chan

7th May, 2015

Dear Yoyo,

     Let me tell you about the jobs of my family members. My father is a security consultant. He arranges staff to go to work. He goes to work by train.

     My mother is a housewife. She cleans the house. She goes to the supermarket on foot.

     Write soon.



By 2A Ivan Tang Hang

7th May, 2015

Dear Ian,

     Let me tell you about the jobs of my family members. My father is a businessman. He helps people repair and upgrade the toy guns. He goes to work by car.

     My mother is a housewife. She teaches me and my brother to do our homework. Sometimes she goes to the office to help my father with his work.

     Write soon.



By 2D Liu Sze Tung, Rose

Dear Niki,

    Let me tell you about the jobs of my family members.

    My father is a clerk.  He works in an office in Kowloon.  He goes  to work by train every working day.  My mother is a housewife.    She cleans our house and takes care of me every day.  She cooks  yummy dishes for us, too.

     I love my warm family. 

     Write soon.




My Pet        By 2A Himson Ho Cheuk Him
I have a pet. It is a rabbit. It has two long ears. It has black eyes and a short tail. It is fat. It is lazy because it always sleeps. It is greedy because it always eats lots of carrots.

I feed my rabbit with carrots and I give it clean water. I do not feed it meat and bones because they are not good for it.

I love my pet because it is my best friend and we always play together.

My Pet             By 2A Manus Lo Tsz Hin
I have a dog. It has big eyes, a small mouth and big ears. It is big and fat. It is noisy because it always barks. It is naughty because it always jumps on the sofa.

I feed my dog with dog food and I give it clean water. I play with my dog. I take my dog for a walk, too.

I like my dog because it is cute.


My Pet                            By 2C   Kelly Lin  

My pet is a dog. It is cute and naughty. It is white. It has small big eyes and big ears. It always barks. I always play with it at home. I take it for a walk too. It is excited. I love my dog because it is cute. I hope it can be happy.


My Pet                      By 2C Wei Yam, William  

 My pet is a turtle. It is quiet. It is small and fat. It has small eyes and a hard shell. It always plays in the water. It looks happy. I always feed it. I also play with it. I love my dog because it is cute. I hope it can be healthy.


My Pet                 By 2D Wen Tsz Ying, Winnie   

 My Pet is a cute dog.  It is small and white.  It has a big nose, small eyes and short legs.  It likes playing a ball with me at home.  I always take good care of it.  I give it clean water and dog food every day.  I also take my lovely dog for a walk after dinner.  I love my dog because it is my family member.


     Last Sunday, my family and I went to Happy Farm. The weather was warm. We looked at some fruits. We saw corns, carrots, strawberries and watermelons. The corns were yellow. The carrots were long. The strawberries were red. The watermelons were big. I thought they were cute. So, we took photos for them.

      When I walked past the pond, I saw two children were throwing stones. I said, ‘Don’t hurt the ducks.’ but they did not listen to me. I felt sad because a duck was dead. I called a security guard. At last, they needed to go to the jail.


A visit to the farm                        By 3A Cullen Chan Ka Yan

I went to Happy Farm with my dad and mum last Sunday. The weather was hot. We wore caps and sunglasses. At the farm, Mum took photos of the carrots. Dad looked at the corn. I looked at the watermelons and strawberries. They were yummy. Then, I went to the pond. I saw a boy and a girl throwing stones into the pond. I said, ‘Do not throw stones to the ducks!’ Finally, the boy and the girl stopped. I felt happy because they do not throw stones to the ducks anymore.    


A Visit to the farm                           By 3C Oliver Yu Tsun Kiu

Last Sunday, Mum, Dad and I went to Happy Farm. I picked some apples and bananas. The weather was sunny.

I saw some strawberries and watermelons. We took some photos with the fruits and planted some apple trees.

As I walked past the pond, I saw two children throwing the stones into the pool. I felt unhappy and angry, so I stopped them. Finally, we became good friends and we played together.

     Last Sunday, my family and I went to Happy Farm. The weather was warm. We looked at some fruits. We saw corns, carrots, strawberries and watermelons. The corns were yellow. The carrots were long. The strawberries were red. The watermelons were big. I thought they were cute. So, we took photos for them.

      When I walked past the pond, I saw two children were throwing stones. I said, ‘Don’t hurt the ducks.’ but they did not listen to me. I felt sad because a duck was dead. I called a security guard. At last, they needed to go to the jail.